Physical Therapy


In Gramercy Physical Therapy we understand that embracing ergonomics allows us to reconcile modern living with our physical needs. By prioritizing our well-being and establishing a symbiotic relationship with our bodies and environment, we can achieve optimal efficiency in this ever-evolving world.

What is Ergonomics:

Ergonomics is a comprehensive study encompassing the analysis of postures and movements that seek to optimize functional efficiency while mitigating the adverse effects of our daily activities. This interdisciplinary field endeavors to harmonize the relationship between humans and their environment, thereby enhancing our physical well-being and overall productivity.

Why Ergonomics?

In our dynamic and fast-paced realm, our attention is often consumed by the world outside, leading us to neglect our own physical well-being and fail to heed our body’s signals. The evolution has shaped us to walk upright and engage in physical activity, yet the advancement of modern civilization has inadvertently impeded our natural development by engrossing us in a sedentary lifestyle and dependence on technological innovations. Enveloped within the confines of our personal spaces and predominantly viewing the world from the comfort of a chair, we often overlook our physical self.

Whether you prefer remote or in-person assistance, our professional ergonomic solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Contact us today and discover how we can optimize your efficiency and well-being, no matter your location or preference.

Corporate group consulting and education is available by our vetted physical therapists.

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