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Our unique mission is to provide an individually extensive treatment that concentrates on goal oriented efficiency and comfort. We also highly emphasize thorough manual hands-on therapies and utilize a broad array of  therapeutic, cutting edge techniques, as well as teaching clients easy-to-implement, effective therapeutic exercises.

Physical Therapy Clinic - Located in Gramercy Park

Located in Manhattan, Gramercy Park

Our Physical Therapy clinic is conveniently located in most beautiful areas of Manhattan, Gramercy Park, near Union Square, where we treat a wide variety of conditions and disorders such as Sciatic pain. We also now offer Acupuncture! We are open 6 days a week, offering convenient hours and same day appointments for urgent care. Office…

Comfortable Private Rooms Physical Therapy

Comfortable Private Rooms

Our Private Physical Therapy Rooms In order to create an optimal healing environment, we created private rooms, cabinets that promote comfort and psychological well-being to best enhance physical therapy treatment efficiency and minimize recovery times. In Gramercy Physical Therapy Clinic we believe in 3 harmonizing treatment elements; Manual therapy On-on-One sessions Private Rooms We are…