Revolutionize Your Stride with RehabStride™ AFO

RehabStride AFO brace for foot drop

Welcome to a New Era in Mobility!

The RehabStride™ Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is a revolutionary advance in gait technology, transforming the walking experience for individuals afflicted with foot drop conditions. Meticulously designed and engineered, the RehabStride™ AFO offers extensive customization and integration with every shoe type. Its patented kinetic technology actively engages the muscles involved, leading to significant improvements in gait quality.

Exclusive Advantages:

Adaptive Fit: Seamlessly integrates with all types of shoes.

Tension-Adjustable Cable System: Allows customization of the tension-assist mechanism to optimize gait and facilitate muscle recovery.

Restorative Motion: Supports crucial muscle movements, facilitates both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion for balanced muscle activity.

Quick Release Design: Provides users with the ability to easily remove and reapply the brace, allowing for much needed rest and convenience.

Set for Success Telehealth: Start with our complimentary onboarding Telehealth session. 

Premium Monthly Telehealth Subscription: Elevate your rehabilitation experience with our Premium Monthly Telehealth Subscription, offering dedicated monthly consultation, re-evaluations, and personalized training guidance from our rehab specialists.

How Does It Work?

Patented Technology Unveiled:

RehabStride™ AFO employs a state-of-the-art patented technology and design that revolutionizes ankle foot orthotics. Its innovative engineering facilitates natural gait mechanics through torque optimization technology, customizable tension dorsiflexion-assist, push-off facilitation and universal footwear compatibility. The tension-adjustable cable system ensures a personalized and movement optimization, making every step your gait therapy and a stride toward Improvement.

Why Choose RehabStride™ AFO?

The RehabStride™ AFO Difference:

Designed for Rehabilitation: Unlike traditional AFO braces, RehabStride™ AFO is uniquely crafted to support rehabilitation and ensure improvement over maintenance.

Telehealth Support: From our initial complimentary onboarding session to ongoing personalized care, we’re with you at every step, powered by our Telehealth technical specialists.

Comparison table:

Rehab AFO equipment’sOther DevicesRehabStide™ AFO ✔
Dorsiflexion AssistNoYes
Universal Shoe FitNoYes
Tension AdjustableNoYes
Angle AdjustableNoYes
Facilitates Push-offNoYes
Quick Rest ModeNoYes
Light WeightSomeYes

Hear From Our Users:

Absolutely life-changing! This AFO Brace has been a true blessing for my grandmother, who has been dealing with the challenges of Ankle Foot Orthosis. Since she started using RehabStride, her mobility has improved significantly. The personalized tension-adjustable cable system ensures a perfect fit, providing the support she needs for a more natural gait. It's heartwarming to see her walk with confidence and without the limitations she once faced. The seamless integration into different shoes makes it incredibly convenient for her daily activities, and the innovative approach to stride improvement has brought back the joy of walking effortlessly. RehabStride has not only been a physical aid but also a source of empowerment, giving my grandmother the freedom to move and enjoy life to the fullest. Grateful for this remarkable solution that has truly made a positive impact on her quality of life. Highly recommend it to anyone seeking effective and empowering Ankle Foot Orthosis support!
I have found that RehabStride AFO has really changed my life! Because of my foot drop, it was impossible for me to participate in activities that I enjoy, but this brace has allowed me to regain my life. Additionally, it is simple to use and modify, and it offers the ideal amount of support without making the wearer feel cumbersome or unpleasant. I am very relieved to be able to go about without experiencing any discomfort or restrictions since I have observed a significant improvement in my walking. Trying out RehabStride is something that I strongly suggest you do if you are having trouble with foot drop. It has, without a doubt, made a tremendous impact on my life.
The RehabStride AFO has been a game-changer in navigating foot drop. I can walk much quicker and more confidently with it. The quality and support of it is much better than braces I had in the past. Highly recommend!

Heading: "Getting Started with RehabStride™ AFO:”

1. Watch our step-by-step online tutorial for a quick start.

2. Book your complimentary Telehealth consultation for personalized guidance.

Keep your RehabStride™ AFO performing at its best with regular part inspections. Like all devices, it’s subject to wear and tear over time. Periodic checks and timely replacements are crucial for maintaining its seamless functionality. For the best care and to guarantee your AFO remains in top condition, we highly recommend a quarterly Telehealth consultation with our experts.

For those enrolled in the “Premium Monthly Telehealth Subscription,” Telehealth re-evaluations and part replacements are seamlessly integrated into your plan, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted support for your mobility needs.

To ensure confidence and satisfaction with RehabStride™ AFO, we offer a 14-day risk-free trial. If it’s not the ideal match for you, return it within this period for a full refund. Additionally, we provide a 3-month limited warranty covering manufacturing defects and material failures. For extended coverage, opt into our Premium Monthly Telehealth Plan where subscribers not only benefit from ongoing expert support and guidance but also enjoy a full product warranty for the duration of their subscription, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

RehabStride™ AFO Brace

RehabStride™ isn’t just an AFO; it’s your rehabilitation partner.