Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our clinic specializes in manual therapy and highly individualized treatment sessions. We believe that physical therapy and rehabilitation should be done right; in private rooms, one-on-one setting, and allowing plentiful treatment time.  Our team of compassionate Doctors of Physical Therapy in Manhattan work diligently to diagnose, treat, restore daily function, and return to sport.  Throughout many years of practice, we have established effective treatment protocols and training practices.

Physical Therapy treating patient

Physical Therapy techniques:

Thorough evaluation and examination of your condition/injury

Active range of motion, passive range of motion, and active assistive range of motion

Soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue mobilization and acupressure

Active release techniques, Muscle energy technique, NDT, and PNF

Manual traction, cross-friction massage, and joint mobilization

Postural re-education, strengthening, and endurance training

Core strengthening and stability exercises

Lower extremity stability training and return to sport recovery

Balance training for orthopedic and neurological conditions

Maitland, Mulligan and McKenzie techniques

Personalized home exercises program

Integrative treatments:

Kinesio Taping, LeukoTaping, and Sports Taping

Recommendation of specialty sport braces, splints or assistive equipment

Multi-disciplinary care (Acupuncture, medical massage and Foot care)

Physical Therapy - Nate Shih treating Patient
Physical Therapy - Eve Seltzer, PTA treating Patient
Physical Therapy - Tessa aiding patient

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