Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in the Murray Hill area

Our GPT office, as a patient-centered, physical therapist owned practice, our Physical Therapy clinic make service in Murray Hill area providers are dedicated in helping you get back on your feet and restore normal movement. Whether you are recovering from a chronic condition, acute sports injury, or wish to improve your posture or balance, Gramercy Physical Therapy will help you reach your functional and recreational goals. Our physical therapists in the Murray Hill area will start you on an individualized program beginning with an in-depth evaluation and employ the most appropriate manual and therapeutic techniques particular to your diagnosis.

Conditions we treat include:

– Neck pain
– Low back pain/ sciatica
– Joint pain and inflammation (shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee, ankle/foot)
– Scoliosis
– Sports injury
– Post-operative condition
– Headaches

Physical Therapy Gramercy