Nathan Shih received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from New York University, as well as a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from National Taiwan University. He organized and lectured at the health promotion program of Taipei City government for community-dwelling elderly citizens, and is an accredited author with published research findings in the International Society of Electrocardiography and Kinesiology journal. Beyond the scope of research, Nathan also has various experiences in different clinical settings, including post-operational acute care for patients who underwent orthopedic surgeries, intensive care units and subacute care for patients with intramuscular disorders, acute care for patients with cardiopulmonary diseases, and outpatient departmental care for children with developmental delays. His specializations include biomechanical analysis, neurodynamic techniques, and myofascial release. His clinical philosophy is patient-centric, believing that treatment starts with the person, not the symptom.