Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Peter Cooper Village area

GPT physical therapy is located in close proximity to our Peter Cooper Village patients.  Our clinic has been servicing clients throughout areas extending from Peter Cooper Village, Manhattan NY, to Astoria.

Our high level physical therapy approach here at GPT may seem different to newcomers, but our new clients yield consistent results that they continue their rehabilitation and wellness journey with our GPT therapists to further attain their long-term functional and recreation objectives.

What distinguishes our clinic from others involves a strong emphasis on manual therapy and one-on-one treatment sessions in private rooms. And while our physical therapists share these distinctions, their techniques and styles may vary. Their experience and tactile skills give them an advantage in making proper diagnoses with high level treatments.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly skilled in alleviating pain and re-establishing function by identifying these common kinetic chain impairments:

– Muscle imbalances
– Movement compensations
– Improper ergonomic setup
– Gait asymmetrie

Physical Therapy - Nate Shih treating Patient
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Physical Therapy - Our Practice