Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in Stuyvesant Town

Our GPT team has been an elixir for Stuyvesant Town physical therapy patients for many years.  We are the go-to clinic for many StuyTown residents and their family and friends in New York City.  Ask our Peter Cooper Village or StuyTown physical therapy clients about GPT and they will tell you that their experience goes far beyond what you may expect from a typical physical therapy session.  With a strong emphasis on manual therapy and plentiful one-on-one time in a private room, these are just few key distinctions of our high quality approach.

Our team of carefully selected and experienced physical therapists provide undivided attention because we strongly believe that every minute counts toward recovery and prevention.  Our PTs pride themselves in delivering the latest evidence-based manual and therapeutic techniques that specifically targets areas that need the most attention.  And while every treatment is different, what is invaluable to all of us is our approach in delivering high level services catered to your individual needs.

Your customized plan of care will incorporate a variety of techniques including:

– Soft tissue/ deep tissue mobilization

– Stretching

– Medical massage

– Active Release and Muscle energy techniques

– Core and pelvic stabilization/ Postural reeducation

– McKenzie techniques

– Joint and spinal manipulation

– Acupressure 

– Balance and stability training 

– Postural/ ergonomic education 

– Return to sport assessment 


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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Gramercy