Physical Therapy

Union Square Physical Therapy

Union Square Physical Therapy specialists can be found a short walk from Union Square Park. Our GPT clinic places a strong emphasis on three important treatment characteristics: manual therapy, ample one-on-one treatment time, and private rooms.

Our treatment protocols are oriented around manual interventions including but not limited to: soft tissue mobilization, stretching, spinal mobilization, acupressure, muscle energy techniques, etc. The uninterrupted one-on-one time with the clinician makes a more productive treatment. Finally, all manual treatments are conducted in private and confidential room settings to allow for a more thorough, effective and customized treatment.

Gramercy Physical Therapy stands for quality and efficiency of treatment. We believe that your time is valuable and should be used effectively and efficiently.

Manual treatments Include:

– Soft tissue mobilization, 

– Deep Tissue Mobilization 

– Stretchings 

– Spine and join mobilization

– Acupressure

– Muscle energy technique

– McKenzie stretches and mobilization

– Active Release technique


– Acupressure

– Postural and neuromuscular facilitation

– Pelvic floor

– Customized return-to-sport rehabilitation program

Physical Therapy treating patient