Vlad Fedosseev graduated from Southwest Baptist University in 2014 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. His experience ranges across several prestigious medical centers within the United States, where he has cultivated excellent standards for patient care and the development of preventative treatments in orthopedics. Vlad’s specialties include orthopedic, geriatric, and post operative population, as well as wound care and acute inpatient treatment. Furthermore, he employs manual therapeutic techniques such as soft/deep tissue work, acupressure, and myofascial release to diagnose and remedy pain or diseases. Athletics has played a prominent role in his life — he is a record-holder swimmer at the College of Staten Island and has multiple MVP awards, so his passion gives him personal insight into the importance of physical care relief. Vlad’s goes above and beyond for the patients in his care to help them achieve the best possible outcome, and his skill set makes him a great addition to Gramercy Physical Therapy.